Sunday, April 1, 2012

3900 unplanned miles!

Well, as some already know, Jack and I lost a very Dear Friend Fri. the 23rd of March.  Ken Biery the owner of the KOA in Hardin, Mt. where we have gone for the last 4 summer seasons to work, had a massive heart attack at the campground.
  We had run up to Abilene to check on stuff when we received the call so turned right around, headed back to Junction where we had pulled in for a couple of days.  Jack and Joe decided we would split the fuel and driving and head that way. Joe and Elaine picked us up Sat.and arrived there on Mon.  Funeral was on Wed. and we headed back on Fri.  Up and back, now we are headed out again this time with our camper to help Sandra get the park open hopefully by the 10th. if not before.!  Looks like a busy summer but at least we can be there for our dear friends (like family, bosses)!
Hope everyone is doing good.  I know most are headed home. Well not be doing much traveling but we still plan to be off for Granddaughters graduation in May.  Would like for all to come see us up there this year.


  1. Sorry that you lost a good friend... really kind of you to be such support at such a hard time. That's a lot of miles.. travel safe!

  2. What a trip! I so appreciate your road trips, you are great at explaining what we are seeing. So awful about those tenants! For sure after the long hard work you'll put in on the floors - they will be in tip top shape again. Just like with your hardcore workouts! :)